In the year 2000, Peru, along with 189 countries worldwide, committed to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), a set of goals to eradicate poverty, increase access to primary education, increase gender equality, reduce health disparities, and protect the environment by the year 2015. The last report from the Peruvian Government found that Peru will be able to reach most MDGs by their target date of 2015.

Between 1991 and 2012, the percentage of people in Peru living in poverty or extreme poverty was reduced by half, chronic malnutrition in children under five decreased by 28%, child mortality decreased by 69%, and enrollment rates in primary education is almost universal as well as the percentage of literate people. However, these national averages tend to hide disparities. Once these indicators are disaggregated by place of residence (urban and rural) or ethnicity (indigenous and non-indigenous) it is clear that rural and/or indigenous populations are not included in these numbers. Therefore, the main challenge for Peru is to monitor national averages and reduce inequalities towards minority populations.

Group for the Analysis of Development (GRADE) is coordinating the Peru country study of the Post-2015 Data Test. Over the course of the research project, GRADE will examine the challenges and opportunities for applying and measuring progress within a post-2015 framework that should be universal but also country relevant in terms of goals, targets and indicators.  Thus, GRADE will closely work with various stakeholders at the country level, including policy makers, academics, international development agencies, civil society organizations., and other government agencies responsible for the collection, analysis and dissemination of data.


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Peru Workshop in Lima, Peru on April 9th, 2014.