A unique aspect of the sustainable development agenda emerging for post-2015 is that, unlike the Millennium Development Goals, it will likely be universal, applying to all countries, not just developing ones. Though Canada supports the Millennium Development Goals, it is not assessed against their progress in the same was as developing countries. The post-2015 agenda however, is set to explicitly recognize that issues like poverty, inequality, food security, environmental sustainability and the realization of human rights are universal in nature. Canada has its own unique development challenges. For example, the Canadian economy is heavily centred on the natural resource sector, including non-renewable energy and Canadians are among the world’s biggest consumers of energy. Inequality has grown in the past decades and Canada’s indigenous populations have historically experienced marginalization in terms of economic and social development.

With respect to the data revolution, Canada has a well-established system in place for data collection on important indicators of social well-being. Nevertheless, the key challenge for post-2015 will be the extent to which these systems need to expand to cover a larger and more complex range of indicators for sustainable development.

The Norman Paterson School of International Affairs (NPSIA) at Carleton University is leading the Canada case study under the leadership of Shannon Kindornay, Adjunct Research Professor at NPSIA. Working in partnership with the Centre for the Study of Living Standards, NPSIA will examine the challenges and opportunities for applying and measuring progress on a universal, country specific post-2015 development agenda in Canada. To do this, NPSIA will engage a broad range of stakeholders at the country level, including national and international policymakers, domestic government agencies responsible for the collection, analysis and dissemination of data, civil society organizations, academics and the private sector.


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